Murder Times Two

Roger Bollinger leaves home at sixteen to escape an abusive father. He tracks down his brother, vowing to punish Daniel for not coming to his aid. The brothers' first and only meeting results in disappointment, recrimination, and murder.

Minnie and the Manatees

When Minnie Zuccarelli sees a manatee and her baby endangered, she takes revenge on the perpetrator and finds herself knee-deep in men: police officers, an amorous ex-husband, and a curious new lover.

The Filigree Cross: The Salvation of Larry Broadfellow

Televangelist Larry Broadfellow suffers a loss of faith and is plunged into despair. Thousands of times he has preached about sacrifice and trust in God; now he must learn what those words truly mean.

Claire Walker

Alcoholism has tainted Claire's adult years and destroyed her marriage. As she fights for sobriety, she leans on a female friend and turns to a younger lover for support. But her adversary proves to be resilient, and her victory anything but sure.

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